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What is Innova?

Innova Nómina is the SEV’s new payment method, which purpose is to modernize and simplify the current fortnightly mechanisms of payment in order to offer a better service, help provide higher security in the management and availability of your salary; avoid long waiting rows in banks and annoying travels when cashing your check, as well as any related expenses. In this way, Innova Nómina was defined in three basic components:

  • payment of salaries and benefits through bank deposits;
  • consultation and printing of deposit notification from the Internet and;
  • eferred signature of payroll in two periods per year.

What is the bank deposit?

It is the payment of your salary through a bank deposit to a payroll bank account previously contracted with one of the participating banks.

What is the consultation and printing of deposit notification from the internet?

The consultation and printing implies that you can get your deposit notification from the Internet on the SEV’s website, so you can check that the full amount of your salary has been deposited. Being the notification available on the Website you have the possibility of: 1. Consulting it, 2. Printing it or 3. Saving it as an electronic file on your computer.

What is the deferred signature of payroll?

The personnel who receives their salary through a bank deposit may sign the payroll only twice a year instead of every fortnight. The two biannual payrolls will include detailed information of all perceptions and benefits related to that period.


Innova Nómina
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